Thanks to our sponsor Matthew in Florida, mail costs are only € 10, – per book (the share in shipping boxes to US). However, as from August, parcels are only mailed on the first day of each month. Parcels with less than 10 copies are sent with USPS and have a tracking code.

[Please note that the books in stock in Florida are now (Aug. 23) sold out. Ordering is still possible but, books ordered after this note is added will be sent Oct. 1.]

Preferred method for payment is by bank (for use of Transferwise, please inquire):

IBAN: NL22 RBRB 0783 0841 29/ BIC: RBRBNL21 (account J. Ott)

Alternative methods are:

Paypal [add PP fee of €3.88 for 1 copy or €6.16 for 2 copies]: janott68 [at]

BTC: 3HocFmptvgHY2FHH5stRywMNpjVsuEY5ik

Also, send a message with the delivery address and number of copies, either though the form below or to the mailaddress on the contact page.

    The parcel is too big for a normal letterbox. If it is delivered on your doorstep, we will not accept responsibility for possible damage or loss.