PDF | Codex Oera Linda – screen edition ’22


Codex Oera Linda¬†~¬†screen edition ’22 (E-book): digital version of the latest (deluxe) full size edition. Format is PDF with the possibility to display page thumbnails, and to search and copy text.

You can choose one or more of the following files:

  • Whole book in spread format (left/even and right/uneven page together on screen), monochrome, grey scale: 118 MB

and/or two separate files in single pages format:

  • part 1) pages 1 to 160: text part, 6.7 MB
  • part 2) pages 161 to 352: HQ original manuscript (monochrome, grey scale) with line-numbers, 194 MB.

For spread samples (color) see full size edition.


  1. Jan Ott (verified owner)


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