New orders are now taken again. Some things have changed. Instead of filling out a form and invoices being sent before payment, the order is placed by transferring the right amount and sending a message with name, address and number of desired copies.

If you ordered before August but never received an invoice, please check your spambox. You can still finish your order.

Price per book is € 36, -. Shipping costs depend on the destination country and the number of books ordered. To determine the shipping costs choose the destination:


* EUR1 =Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, etc.

** EUR2 = United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Slovenia, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Jersey, Andorra, Gibraltar, etc.

*** Other [! new orders are temporarily not accepted from these countries !] = USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Czech Republic, Japan, Russian Federation, South Africa, Singapore, etc.

=> If your country is not listed here, please check this list for European destinations.