Book is € 36, – per copy.

For 1 copy, mail costs are € 13, – with track & trace, or € 9,30 without track & trace.

Parcels with more than one copy are always with track & trace:

2 to 4 copies: € 19,50; 5 to 8 copies: € 25, -; 9 to 16 copies € 34, -.

Preferred method for payment is by bank or

IBAN: NL22 RBRB 0783 0841 29/ BIC: RBRBNL21 (account J. Ott, address Marke 7, 7981 AZ, Diever, Netherlands)

Alternative methods are:

Paypal: janott68 [at] (PP fee at buyer’s expense)

BTC: 3HocFmptvgHY2FHH5stRywMNpjVsuEY5ik

Also send a message with the delivery address and number of copies, either though the form below or to the mailaddress on the contact page. When payment is received, your order will be processed and the book(s) will usually be sent the same day.

    The parcel is too big for a normal letterbox. If it is delivered on your doorstep, we will not accept responsibility for possible damage or loss.