The Oera Linda Foundation was registered (on Dec. 14, 2020 in the Netherlands as Stichting Oera Linda; KvK nr. 81184301) with the purpose to promote research on, translations of, and publications about the manuscript (or codex) known as the Oera Linda-book. The English editions (hardcover, paperback and E-book) are the Foundation’s first accomplishments. Planned for 2022 (150 years after Ottema’s first translation was published) is a new Dutch translation in hardcover. The weblog ‘Saved from the Flood’ which started in 2011 will continue to be updated. If you would like to support our work, you can contribute financially.

Bank transfer: IBAN: NL22 RBRB 0783 0841 29 / BIC: RBRBNL21 (account: J. Ott, Diever, The Netherlands)
Bitcoin (BTC): 3HocFmptvgHY2FHH5stRywMNpjVsuEY5ik (for use of other crypto currencies, please contact us)

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